My Life My Way: A look at rap guy Montega Rebel

Photo by Montega Rebel

I am back to bring you more exciting talents to look out for in St Louis. This interview features Montega Rebel, of the popular entertainment click Black 300 Music Group. He is an entrepreneur, Producer, father and rapper; about to celebrate a birthday, go on tour with his team, and currently starting on a new album. So, sit back and enjoy a candid quick conversation with Montega Rebel.

Hey sir how are you?

Montega: I’m good, thanks for asking! Yourself?

I am great trying to decide of a brand of coffee to drink this afternoon.

Tell us about who you are?

Montega: My name is Antonio Acosta. Born in St.Louis but, I was raised on the East coast, between Brooklyn, New York, Philadelphia & Wilmington, Delaware. I’m a Muslim & have been for 23 years. I’m an introvert, which people find weird because of my personality & stage presence. I have 2 sisters & a brother. I’m the oldest of 4. And above all that, I’m a Father to 6 beautiful children.

Nice. So, you are going to have another birthday, what are your plans?

Montega: I really don’t have plans for my birthday. Never really celebrated it. Never had a party or the traditional born day festivities. As a Muslim, we would rather bless others, rather than to receive gifts, etc. So, I usually do acts of charity because without Allah (God) blessing me the way He has, none of what I do would be possible.

Bless you man.What local celebrity that you want to collab with and why?

Montega: I’m currently in negotiations with Murphy Lee on this new record I’m working on. Besides that, there’s no local celebrity I wanna collab with. My team is full of local celebrities so, that’s all the collaboration I need.

Let’s talk about your new album?

Montega: My album is entitled “My Life, My Way” which is pretty self explanatory. This album will be a more personal album VS any other body of work that I’ve created. I talk about my parents drug addiction, living in a homeless shelter, my father walking out & me having to be a man at 14-15 years YOUNG. So, it’s my pride & joy right now. There’s also some club records, street records….I still have to stay true to my core fans but, I’m also giving them a lil bit more of a glimpse into who I actually am & what made me the man I am today.

How long will your tour be, and where will it start?

Montega: The tour is 2 and a half months & it started 11-17-18 in Seattle, Washington.

If you had the opportunity, what national act would you like to tour with?

Montega: Migos

Photo by The Newsletter ’05

How long have you been blazing the stage?

Montega: I’ve been performing for about 11 years now.

Wow! What is your take on the local music scene, is there any unity or just simply hate?

The local scene is great…..As far as talent. We need to work on the unity part. I live in Atlanta as well, & the underground as well as the mainstream community are so TOGETHER!! They welcome you with open arms & are willing to work with you, as long as you’re not on any bs. The problem with St. Louis is that too many expect instant gratification from this music shit & feel as if something is owed to them & most have that crab in the bucket mentality. So, if one individual gets hot, here comes all the hate & gossip. Like, ppl really get upset because Nelly didn’t “put them on” or whatever but, this shit is so much a BUSINESS… that some shit just can’t happen because you think someone is supposed to look out just because they’re from the same area, region, whatever! But, that’s a whole other picture to paint. If we could learn unity & peace amongst each other, this city could go so far. We could be the next ATLANTA, or Los Angeles. The talent is here, it’s just hidden behind the ugly agendas & ignorance & immaturity of some.

Preach on that tho…Do you have a manager?

Montega: No, I do not. My team & I do all our own work. Set up our own shows, tours, features and etc.

What is your long range goal for your business?

Montega: My goal is to build a brand…not a business. Big difference…lol….a brand is everlasting. A business goes outta business in the blink of an eye. We have the talent & brains to be the next No Limit or Cash Money…Minus the bs…lol…

Do you have a favorite food place in St Louis that you enjoy?

Montega: My favorite place to eat is Drunken Fish! I love that place! I just may go today! Lol

How can the fans reach you?

Montega: All social media is Montega Rebel. SoundCloud is Cipha Montega

Thanks for your time I wish you luck with your future endeavors.

Montega: Thank you! And best of blessing to you as well!

Photo by Montega Rebel

There you have it our interview is completed; make sure you check out Montega’s sites.You may also catch this link at under Hot Talents to Look out for in 2019 section.

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Photo by Montega Rebel

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