Saying Good bye to Stress Free Fridays with Mark A. Jones

All Photos courtesy of Stress Free Fridays and some of SFF affiliated events….

Well hello everyone, I am back at you once again with yet another interview with a Who is Who in St Louis.This time we sit down with Mark A. Jones, the co-founder of Stress Free Fridays.The longest running Independent social event series in St Louis, which will be ending this Friday after 14 long years.A name that has been around a year longer than my own brand The Newsletter..So sit back and hear how it started and how it will end.

Mark: The first Stress Free Fridays event was held on June 4, 2004 at Rue 13 on Washington Avenue.

 Who all help implement this particular fun part of St Louis’ nightlife?

Mark: The original founders’ of Stress Free Fridays were Mario Wayne, Walter Washington and John Byrd. 

How many Stress Free Fridays have there been in the city?

Mark: There have been 720 Stress Free Fridays events.

How many years has this been going on, wow 720?

Mark: On a weekly, sometimes semi-weekly basis; 14 years is a great run and it is best to go out on top. 

I know there has been some very trying moments and memorable ones as well.Do you have any and the best venues?

Mark: Over the years, we have had two wedding proposals and a woman went into labor. Each venue has its own uniqueness. 

Now, that it is all over, what are your plans?

Mark: I am looking forward to being a regular citizen again. I plan to travel and enjoy life. I am also looking forward to opening my own venue that will cater to the professional clientele of St. Louis. 

Being the top dog in Independent social marketing events (next to The Newsletter of course LMAO!) what honors have you received over the years?

Mark: Stress Free Fridays received a Declaration from the City of St. Louis declaring June 4, 2004 as “Stress Free Fridays Appreciation Day” in the City of St. Louis in celebration of the 4 year anniversary of SFF and SFF received a ReMix Award for being the longest running event series. 

Commendable.Now, are there any other notable promotion teams that you’d enjoyed connecting with over the tenure?

Mark: I’d enjoyed working with Freetime and First Fridays. We had great event’s together. 

Now, that it is finally coming to a FINALE, where is the big party?

Mark: The last Stress Free Fridays event ever will be held on December 14th at The Architect House (Anthony Robinson), 4246 McPherson Avenue in the Central West End. Cash Bar, free food and DJ Manifest. 

The finale in the CWE..(updated photo)

Are there any finale thoughts or thanks you would like to give?

Mark I would like to thank the citizen’s of both St. Louis and the Metro East for supporting Stress Free Fridays and all of the venue owners that have ever hosted Stress Free Fridays. We could not have lasted for these 14 year’s without the support. I have met some truly amazing people and many have become personal friends.

Man, it won’t be the same without you as a competitor in the events and marketing game.I sit alone and have to fight the vultures by myself..joking.Thanks for all that you have done for our city…And I am hoping we will have some of the current breed of marketing agents last as long as you did.

To contact Mark A. Jones for consultation on your next project:

Mark Anthony Jones, Ed.D.
Educational Consultant/Professional
Co-Founder, Stress Free Fridays
Co-Founder, Saturday Stogie

Scenes from finale on Friday, December 14th

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