Thuggo gives us a Style of His Very own in St Louis

All photo courtesy of 4 Real ENT LLC.

I am back at it again trying to compile our hit list, for Dynasty Television’s media platform.A hit list that will bring out the best humbled talents for 2019. Last interview we had Rapper/producer Montega Rebel kick things off, so sit back and get in tuned with yet another up and coming artist who is ready to give his all.His name is Thuggo, but if you ever meet him he is just a cool laid back guy trying to make some music in his own style.

Hey there Thuggo, I see you are on social media doing it up. Tell us about your new video?

My latest Video ‘Can’t Take it’ addresses a lot of emotions dealing with falsehoods and fraudulence from people close and around me. The video turned out well too, it gives a good analogy of the lyrics and meanings behind the song. Not only do I battle with the monstrosities from outside, but also within.You can get the picture of what I am say and mean by that alone; a great theme for visual. This is something that I’ve been feeling for years. It was an exhilarating release, to be able to elaborate and communicate all of those feelings in a one on one song and witness it turn out so well. So many people can relate to the song; it’s not easy expressing how you feel through a song and the message was delivered and received properly.

Who all do you have on your marketing team?

I do a lot of networking with several different companies and agencies that do marketing, and I am always seeking broader avenues and markets to explore. I outsource through every possible network I can reach, and those that reach out to me, as long as the work ethic is genuine. It’s important to me that the marketing teams I work with have some measure of belief in me as an artist and the project itself.

What local artist have you ever collabed with?

I’ve done many collabs, as either an artist feature, featuring artists on my own work or by producing tracks for other artists. Too many names to say, a lot of guys under the radar like myself. I have gotten a feature from Zeus formerly known as Ruka Puff that has never been released, (don’t ask)- we’d just never fully tied that one up.

Do you have a favorite venue to perform at?

I’ve never been a favorite type of person, I’m not picky or choosy about much of anything. I’m always very chill and open, impulsive and indecisive, so no favorite foods, songs, colors, etc. I take everything for what it’s worth. 

Who do you consider the best promoter in town when it comes to showcase bookings?

Again with bests and favorites, there are just too many to choose from. I like to link with everybody I can, as long as it’s a genuine type of professional dealing. My thought process doesn’t even work like that. I just like how certain people work and operate, so I’m more inclined to go through them from past endeavors until I’m introduced or somehow meet others I haven’t worked with. 

If you could collab with Chance the Rapper or DJ Khaled, where would you record the track?

For something that big I would definitely book the studio time at one of the best studios in St Louis.We have a few located in Midtown.

Who is your favorite producer, engineer; that gets your music right on track?

I’m my own favorite, but I love to try different flavors.

Are all your lyrics explicit?

Mostly I suppose, yet in a realistic manner. Not simply dirty but explicit in the same way our economy and society today is.

Tell me about the man who has become Thuggo, how old are you and where were you born?

I’m in my early thirties now, and only getting better and better with time. I was born and raised right in the heart of St. Louis. 

Ready to Vape?

Is there any unity in St Louis?(Far as artists and DJs) 

Minimal, and even that minimum amount is questionable, But everybody’s got their own circles so there is some unity in that aspect I guess.

When is your next stage performance?

Nothing slated but you can book me at 4realent314@gmail .com

Company name 4Real Ent LLC.

Tell me about your latest album project? 

I haven’t yet worked on any album, my bandmate Ike-o and myself put together a few projects though with more of that in the works. Possibly, another installment to our ‘Mind Over Muscle’ mixtape series. I’ve really just been focusing on making and releasing quality music and following through with those tracks so I’ve been dropping a ton of singles and videos. I plan to Continue at that pace until some demand picks up. I am aiming my sights on an EP or Project soon though, maybe in the new year but I’m in 2020 vision if you catch my drift.

I would like to thank Thuggo for his time as we induct yet another Hot Talent into our newly acquired Dynasty Television media portal hit list for 2019.You can reach Thuggo at his email above or click here to catch him on social media or YouTube

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