Getting into Fashions with Executive Producer Roger Hunt

We are on location across from Washington University in St Louis, at Kayak Coffee, a Kaldi’s Company. I am sipping java and chatting with the prolific Executive Producer, actor/model, voice over, and Executive Director of RADSTARR Media Entertainment: Roger “Hollywood” Hunt. Hunt is here to discuss his exciting 1st Annual Fashion Show, which is slated for May 18th at the Medici Media Space.

Photo by Lionnie Steed Photography

Hello sir how are you?

I am doing well, thanks for asking.

Tell me about your company and what does RADSTARR Media Entertainment does?

  RADSTARR Media does a variety of different things; from producing and directing various productions, photography, video, training of talent, promoting, etc. Our main production project is producing our “Talk Show”, “Straight Talk with Roger Hunt, Unscripted”.  Which started back in 2013 on YouTube.  Where many of our shows can be found. 

Do you give back to the community?

 Yes, we currently working with an organization here in St. Louis, as an advocate against violence.

Who do you have on your team?

  We have a team of genuine and exciting people who believe in working together – to bring awareness to the various issues that are affecting our society.  As some of our goals includes being inspiring, uplifting, informing and educating others on things going on around us.  Our team consist of the following;

Roger Hunt – Creator, Director, Host,

Cynthia Casey – Executive Producer/ Steve Welch, – Stylist – Producer/ Tim Mosley – Designer – Camera/ Darian Jones – Camera/ Jackie Harrington – Teleprompter – Talent – Talent Scott / Robert Stewart, II – Editor- Stage Director/ Patrick Bradley -PR – Design/ Kevin Houston – Photographer/, Tameisa Shevelle Harrington – Teleprompter – Guest Services/  Mike Donald – Producer – Director in Charge/ LaVonda Shanklin – Makeup – Catering Service Manager/ Paris Hunt – Business Partner/  Roger Hunt, II – Creative Talent Director – aka (RTWO Sinatra), Tony Steed-DJ Music- Director, Aaron Hunt (Military) – Business Consultant,  Rose Graham of Perfecting Talent of Atlanta, GA,  Advisor (Darius Hunt who was murdered in May 2018 was our Director, Graphic Designer, Camera Operator) – We hold him dear in our hearts.


Photos by Lionnie Steed Photography

Let’s talk about St Louis, is their unity in the marketing game?

  There is unity here in St. Louis.  Like any other business you must find the right mix of people to work with and work collaborative with.  Like any other city and business, you have your haters and enemies, however there is more unity and positive people working for a common good and goals that you are striving for. 

Let’s talk about your fashion show that is coming up?

  The fashion will be special indeed we are looking to spot 3 designers.  We currently have one designer on board (JINApelli) and looking for a least 2 more to highlight and bring exposer too.

What type of models will you be casting?

We currently have 2 casting calls scheduled for models – January 13 & February 9 from 3-6pm at Medici Media Space – 2065 Walton Rd – Overland, MO 63114

  1. We are looking for models that have some run way industry experience, but also those who have the potential of wanting to do runway modeling and can be coached to walk the run way.  
  2. Models from the ages of 12 and up.  Sizes from (Small to Extra Large (1x)) 
  3. Depending on the other 2 designers selected, we may have room for younger ages
  4. Models who can bring excitement to the designer(s) fashions
  5. Models who are confident in who they are and proud to be part of an exciting production

The show will be held:

May 18, 2019 at the Medici Media Space – 2065 Walton Rd – Overland, MO 63114

Ticket Prices:  $25 in advance (on Eventbrite) $30 at the door

Vendor Prices: $35

Photos by Lionnie Steed Photography

Tell me about your family life?  Family life is quiet…..while I mainly run the business the other members of the family serve as advisors and silent business leaders with the exception of RTwo Sinatra who is more directly involved with the Creative Talent of the business.   We lost our youngest son to gun violence here in St. Louis, May 2, 2018.  Our goal to push forward and continue his legacy is ongoing.  We are in the process of developing his educational scholarship foundation in his memory.

Where did you get the idea for your brand?  The idea for the brand came from my family – wanting to build a name and legacy for them.  RADSTARR is named after my 3 sons ( Roger, Aaron, Darrius – and they are all STARRS! 

After the fashion show what is next?

We will continue to film our shows and develop our platform to bring awareness of various issues affecting our society!  We have an art show coming up, promote other events, and continue with our community involvement.

Thanks for this interview and I look forward to hearing great things from you?

You are welcome, thanks for allowing me to discuss who we are and what we do.

For more information go to Mr Hunt’s website:

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