The ReMix Awards Show returns back to the Summer 2019 with 20+ honorees

Yes, you have read the headlines correctly, the hottest longest running social media based recognition event is Sunday, July 28, 2019. The last time the ReMix was in the summer was August 31, 2014; making it a fall event. Sure some awards show in St Louis have come and gone, but the ReMix is in its 13th season.

Respectfully, there are big time awards shows like St Louis American Newspaper, and St Louis Magazine Tavern Awards, but they are not as urban or bent on social media and talents, as The ReMix.

With no end in sight, the awards show does its best to recognize people that it simply put, recognizes. If you are not putting in the work or even attempting to get your brand in the face of the The Newsletter/ReMix brand, then how will they know who you are? The ReMix Awards Show was founded by Independent marketing brand of The Newsletter; starting as a publication since 2005, now The Newsletter is a cornucopia of mass media; marketing, influencing, Contents Acquisition (with Dynasty Television), event planning and talent PR.

Since certain recipients do not have a lot of fans or connections on social media. The ReMix does not rely on fan’s votes to determine the nominees; rather it just depends on the support and participation, or word of mouth.

There are 20+ nominees who will become honorees once the award is placed in their hands.This list may change in a few weeks, but here are most of the nominated winner.

DYNASTY TELEVISION, URBAN BROADCAST ASSOCIATION, RENOVA & GOLDEN BRICK PUBLISHING PRESENTS The top Honorees for The Newsletter 13th annual ReMix Awards Show, Sunday, July 28th 6pm:

1. Bar 922-Best New Venue for Live Music Heather Laden Gerald T. Johnson 2. Sexxy Fit Fitness-Best Fitness Team Angela Sloan Instructor 3. The Nation Sports Bar & Grill-Best New Sports Bar LaShun Taylor 4. Best Venue/Pioneer Club for Live Music North-Al’s Lounge Allen K. Smith II 5.Best Happy Hour-Gene’s Bar & Grill Eboni Austin-Weston Sherry Austin 6.Raw Talent of the Year-Jeffrey Bo Dean 7.Best Podcast of the Year-My city my music’s We R Here Radio Stan Stancheeno Justin Kickett 8. Best Pioneer Club of the Year East-Midtown Restaurant & Bar. 9. Best Place for Darts-Starz Bar & Grill Shay Williams Starr Williams 10. Best Club Get-away from St Louis- Joe Man’s Bar & Grill ESTL Camie Elanore 11. Pioneer DJ of the Year-DJ Mase Mason Nash 12. Best Hip Hop DJ of the Year-Courtney Djblock Coulter 13.Songstress of the Year-Jacinta Branch-Griffin 14. Best Community Advocate-Korey Kaine Johnson 15.The Yvette Hicks Woman of the Year in Business- Mz Starz Starr Williams 16. Best Sports Team in the City-The St Louis Trotters Milan Pepper 17. Best Inspiring Song- Fresh Start Thurman B. Thornton II 18. Dynasty Television Talk Show Host of the Year-Stephanie Anthony Miles 19. Best New Venue in North County-Club Diamonds (Receiving an honorary appreciation honor) 20. Most Inspiring Video-Time by Ain’t Ez Anthony Davis 21. Lifetime Achievement Award Presented by Dynasty Television-Al McFarlane

The ReMix Awards Show will be at Club Diamonds, 3156 Pershall Road, St Louis, MO 63136.

Tickets are a $10 donation, with VIP seats also available.

There will be live entertainment and great guest speakers.

Hosted by Rapper Rickey James, and Radio podcast Queen Pamela Wilson, with award winning DJ Mase on the turn tables.

If you want to donate Cash app @thenewsletter05

Further questions:

Most proceeds will benefit a local charity that The ReMix sponsors each year.

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