American Monster Guild is bringing the heat with Pace Brown

By The Newsletter 2005 Promotions August 23, 2019

Photo courtesy of AMG

Here we go again, Libra season is almost here, and we are once again in interview mode. A few seasons ago, I was fortunate enough to meet a management company out of Las Vegas, with talents all over the globe. American Monster Guild, spearheaded by my main man Devon B., is doing the dang thing with his company.

It is not one day that goes by and I don’t see this man on his hustle with his many events, promotions and marketing savvies. I was hosting an event today and was inviting his talents in for a showcase during their tour. However, it was postponed, but that didn’t stop his artist Pace Brown from still packing up and continuing his route to St Louis.

Pace Brown is always ready. Photo courtesy of AMG

So sit back, and enjoy this spectacular interview with this red hot talent of AMG, the multi-faceted Pace Brown; producer, singer and songwriter is in the building.

How are you, it has been a pleasure knowing your management team American Monster Guild.What are you currently working on?

Pace: Right now, I ‘m currently working on my LP entitled’L.A.W.’-Love and War.
Your trip to St Louis, included in your tour, has been rerouted  to another event? Do these changes deter any plans to switch up your performances?

Photo courtesy of AMG

Pace: No, because I plan on being myself as I want people to experience me as I am in any element.

So, how long have you been represented by your manager?

Pace: Devon has been my manager for quite some time, and we’ve known each other for even longer.

Tell me a little bit about what you expect from your manager and what do they expect from you as an artist?

Pace: We expect the same thing from each other, hard work, loyalty and dedication among the few.

Let’s talk about your family, how are they supporting your talent?

Pace: My family show me love more as a family. I never put expectations on their support for my talent.They for one know I am multi-talented.

Where are you from?

Pace: I am from Harlem, New York.

If you had the chance, which national recording act would you like to collab with?

Pace: I would say Lenny Kravitz, he is on the top list of artists, I would want to create with.

Let’s talk about the fans, how is your fan base?

My fan base is going strong, and I am waiting to hear more from them.

Where in the USA do you like to tour at, or where is your favorite place to perform outside of your home base?

Pace: I can’t decide that prematurely, there are so many places I haven’t been. To be honest, there are different parts of the country that have different kinds of energies to grow from. I hope I can never get to decide.

Wow, that is cool sir. Thanks for your time, and I am looking forward to seeing a great performance from you once in St Louis.

You may follow Pace Brown by clicking the links above.

Photo courtesy of AMG
Photo courtesy of AMG

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