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MO CANN BIZ CON EXPO takes over St Louis Union Station downtown

To kick off a wonderful two day event featuring vendors from across the country, including St Louis, MO Cann Biz Conference plus Exposition is gaining a lot of momentum in the cannabis game. It will prepare attendees the knowledge and resources to successfully participate in the new Missouri MMJ program.

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Registration started off smoothly; media scrambling to get their credentials, while the attendees were looking to find out about dispensary, the latest cannabis craze, financing and cultivation details.

Mo Cann Biz Conference plus Exposition runs today and Tuesday, March 11-12th starting at 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. So there is still time to run downtown to the beautiful St Louis Union Station to sign up.

You can find registration details by clicking this link, and it will give you informative details to get you well on your way to whatever you need. Some people are looking for legal advice, they have it, cultivation protocol, they have it, dispensary set ups, they have it, or even supplies, yes they have vendors for that as well. (please note the sign up link is closed)

One of the vendors that were out networking was Keef Brands, a cannabis beverage company, learn more at

Then there was Natoli of Cypress, CA, a cannabis tablet production company, Elite Home Growers Academy and law firm Hepler Broom LLC of St Louis; offering legal consultation for cannabis business owners.

Attendees got to learn about cannabis dosing and delivery from a wellness and guidance company called Hempsley Health, which is based in Columbia, MO. Representative, Kristen Williams explained that vaporizing is more safe than smoking, when it comes to cannabis. Learn more at

Photo courtesy of MO Cann
Photo courtesy of MO Cann
Photo courtesy of MO Cann

Also, there was a company that prepare patients for licensing and cannabis use.Green Health Docs of St Louis, MO, owned and operated by a group of doctors. For more information click here.

This is not completed since the conference doesn’t end until Tuesday, March 12, 2019. So, please refer back here for updates.

The law office of Hepler Broom LLC St Louis, MO
People are serious about medical cannabis

Elite Home Growers Academy of St Louis

Attendees checking out the scene on day 1 of 2
St Louis Union Station

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An exclusive conversation with Mob Out Entertainment Producer & Artist Biship

Here we go with another hot off the press interview with another busy entertainer, producer and businessman, Biship. So, grab your coffee and get ready to learn something and gain some leverage in the game. Biship is also the winner of a ReMix Award certification in the talent division. He is not showing any end in site as he delivers banging hits after hits.

Hey sir how are you?

Biship: I’m good actually, Thank you for having me.

Tell me about your name and the story behind it.

Biship: Well the name comes from the chess piece and like myself it moves and attacks in all angles.  I chose the name because I’ve never been one dimensional and like to venture off into new things. There’s always been a picture I’ve seen that’s bigger than me being an artist.

Let’s talk about what you have going on?

Currently, I’ve just released 2 singles with a third on the way ( Lost, World So Cold and We Do It).  I’ll be releasing my first official album later this year.  Not sure on the title 1Mic and a Vision yet, but in time I’ll let it be known once I’m ready.

When it comes to the Independent music industry, what is your take on unity?

Photo by Mob Out Entertainment

Unity is a subject that’s very touchy because now a days you can’t trust people. I’ve been to places where musicians and artists are very supportive of each other as well as the community coming together to support… Then there’s other places were it’s all bad, no unity all around the board. 

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Tell me about your brand?

MOB OUT ENT. (Mob Out Entertainment) is based in Florida.  I built this company with the purpose of guidance to talented up and coming artists to help lead them in the right direction on their journey.  #REACH1TEACH1

Do you go on tours?

I LOVE Tours!! Where are we going and how many cities lol?  I’d love to go overseas on a tour honestly.  And it doesn’t matter who’s on the tour as long as we all entertaining the audience and they are looking forward to the next one. 

Let’s talk about any collaborations that you have been on?

Well, I’m still and always will be a Chinaman Records Artist (R.I.P. Fresh Kid Ice), so the Breaking Glass Ceilings album was my first big project.  My favorite I think would be the collaboration with the Legendary Kokane (Jerry B Long) our single ‘Lookin Like She Wanna’  got people starting to buzz about it.

What does the future hold for you?

My actions and movements are hopefully making waves for my future.  I try not to get too far ahead of myself, but I stay working so in time I hope to see the bigger picture unfold and everyone involved enjoying this journey together #FORTHELOVEOFHIPHOP

Photo by Mob Out Entertainment

Who are the driving forces on your team?

I’m actually rebuilding a team… More like a family because this is a family business.Heather White (Now1Promotions) Tx.Dj Sean Swift (Nerve Djs, Swift Entertainment)AtlBreezie F Baby (B.F.B. Marketing and Promotion)Fl. However, I am looking for a few people; time will tell.

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing great things from you.

It was a pleasure to do this interview,  I enjoy the opportunity to be myself and be an open book.  I appreciate your time and look forward to bigger things ahead.. You never know I may be in a movie lol

There you have now click the links and check out Biship’s information:



Photo by Mob Out Entertainment
Photo by Mob Out Entertainment

For the 14th year anniversary The Newsletter wants You to Support 25 Talents in 2019

Yes, you have read the header correctly, the Top 25 talents that you should be supporting was released as a part 2 to the current 14th year edition of The Newsletter’s February issue. An issue that was released on Valentine’s Day for those who celebrate love.

The issue features 4 pages of just photos of talents, the same as part 1 of the published 14th year anniversary issue does-completed with mainly photos.Only 3 of the music artists are not from St Louis; Dark Face Squatta, Biship and Dre Hilton…There was much backlash, so it was hard to decide who would be in the Top 25.

St Louis has a lot of talented artists, and The Newsletter pleaded with the social media public to send some suggestions. So, with just a few suggestions, The Newsletter had chosen most of their honorees from past ReMix Awards Shows.

On the cover are Rickey James, Thurman Thorton-ReMix 2018, Theda-ReMix 2018, Memphis IBC winner Hi-C, RTwo Sinatra-ReMix 2018, Ntegrity-ReMix 2018, N.O.V.A., Bates-ReMix 2017, Biship-ReMix 2017, Scott S., Thuggo and Hayzie. On page 1 you have: Anita J., Dre Hilton, J-Rock-ReMix 2017, Dark Face Squatta-ReMix 2017, Tambra, Big Lou, Ain’t Ez, Buzz the Navigator, Mz Sha-ReMix 2013 and Chuck Flowers-ReMix 2013..

Rounding off this special edition are the talents on page 2 with Silky Sol-ReMix 2010, Bo Dean- ReMix 2018 and Stringz-ReMix 2017..And the final page is the featured artist Biship….

The ReMix Awards Show returns earlier this year in balmy July, 2019, and it promises to deliver more excitement than ever…

The Newsletter started 14 years ago, as a weekly email based salon publication.Now, it is a brand that represent its association with Dynasty Television, and many other media marketing affiliations.

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Cover page
Photos by Associated Photographers

Page 1
Photos by Associated Photographers

Page 3
Photos by Associated Photographers
Featured page 3
Photos by Associated Photographers

Getting into Fashions with Executive Producer Roger Hunt

We are on location across from Washington University in St Louis, at Kayak Coffee, a Kaldi’s Company. I am sipping java and chatting with the prolific Executive Producer, actor/model, voice over, and Executive Director of RADSTARR Media Entertainment: Roger “Hollywood” Hunt. Hunt is here to discuss his exciting 1st Annual Fashion Show, which is slated for May 18th at the Medici Media Space.

Photo by Lionnie Steed Photography

Hello sir how are you?

I am doing well, thanks for asking.

Tell me about your company and what does RADSTARR Media Entertainment does?

  RADSTARR Media does a variety of different things; from producing and directing various productions, photography, video, training of talent, promoting, etc. Our main production project is producing our “Talk Show”, “Straight Talk with Roger Hunt, Unscripted”.  Which started back in 2013 on YouTube.  Where many of our shows can be found. 

Do you give back to the community?

 Yes, we currently working with an organization here in St. Louis, as an advocate against violence.

Who do you have on your team?

  We have a team of genuine and exciting people who believe in working together – to bring awareness to the various issues that are affecting our society.  As some of our goals includes being inspiring, uplifting, informing and educating others on things going on around us.  Our team consist of the following;

Roger Hunt – Creator, Director, Host,

Cynthia Casey – Executive Producer/ Steve Welch, – Stylist – Producer/ Tim Mosley – Designer – Camera/ Darian Jones – Camera/ Jackie Harrington – Teleprompter – Talent – Talent Scott / Robert Stewart, II – Editor- Stage Director/ Patrick Bradley -PR – Design/ Kevin Houston – Photographer/, Tameisa Shevelle Harrington – Teleprompter – Guest Services/  Mike Donald – Producer – Director in Charge/ LaVonda Shanklin – Makeup – Catering Service Manager/ Paris Hunt – Business Partner/  Roger Hunt, II – Creative Talent Director – aka (RTWO Sinatra), Tony Steed-DJ Music- Director, Aaron Hunt (Military) – Business Consultant,  Rose Graham of Perfecting Talent of Atlanta, GA,  Advisor (Darius Hunt who was murdered in May 2018 was our Director, Graphic Designer, Camera Operator) – We hold him dear in our hearts.


Photos by Lionnie Steed Photography

Let’s talk about St Louis, is their unity in the marketing game?

  There is unity here in St. Louis.  Like any other business you must find the right mix of people to work with and work collaborative with.  Like any other city and business, you have your haters and enemies, however there is more unity and positive people working for a common good and goals that you are striving for. 

Let’s talk about your fashion show that is coming up?

  The fashion will be special indeed we are looking to spot 3 designers.  We currently have one designer on board (JINApelli) and looking for a least 2 more to highlight and bring exposer too.

What type of models will you be casting?

We currently have 2 casting calls scheduled for models – January 13 & February 9 from 3-6pm at Medici Media Space – 2065 Walton Rd – Overland, MO 63114

  1. We are looking for models that have some run way industry experience, but also those who have the potential of wanting to do runway modeling and can be coached to walk the run way.  
  2. Models from the ages of 12 and up.  Sizes from (Small to Extra Large (1x)) 
  3. Depending on the other 2 designers selected, we may have room for younger ages
  4. Models who can bring excitement to the designer(s) fashions
  5. Models who are confident in who they are and proud to be part of an exciting production

The show will be held:

May 18, 2019 at the Medici Media Space – 2065 Walton Rd – Overland, MO 63114

Ticket Prices:  $25 in advance (on Eventbrite) $30 at the door

Vendor Prices: $35

Photos by Lionnie Steed Photography

Tell me about your family life?  Family life is quiet…..while I mainly run the business the other members of the family serve as advisors and silent business leaders with the exception of RTwo Sinatra who is more directly involved with the Creative Talent of the business.   We lost our youngest son to gun violence here in St. Louis, May 2, 2018.  Our goal to push forward and continue his legacy is ongoing.  We are in the process of developing his educational scholarship foundation in his memory.

Where did you get the idea for your brand?  The idea for the brand came from my family – wanting to build a name and legacy for them.  RADSTARR is named after my 3 sons ( Roger, Aaron, Darrius – and they are all STARRS! 

After the fashion show what is next?

We will continue to film our shows and develop our platform to bring awareness of various issues affecting our society!  We have an art show coming up, promote other events, and continue with our community involvement.

Thanks for this interview and I look forward to hearing great things from you?

You are welcome, thanks for allowing me to discuss who we are and what we do.

For more information go to Mr Hunt’s website:

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Thuggo gives us a Style of His Very own in St Louis

All photo courtesy of 4 Real ENT LLC.

I am back at it again trying to compile our hit list, for Dynasty Television’s media platform.A hit list that will bring out the best humbled talents for 2019. Last interview we had Rapper/producer Montega Rebel kick things off, so sit back and get in tuned with yet another up and coming artist who is ready to give his all.His name is Thuggo, but if you ever meet him he is just a cool laid back guy trying to make some music in his own style.

Hey there Thuggo, I see you are on social media doing it up. Tell us about your new video?

My latest Video ‘Can’t Take it’ addresses a lot of emotions dealing with falsehoods and fraudulence from people close and around me. The video turned out well too, it gives a good analogy of the lyrics and meanings behind the song. Not only do I battle with the monstrosities from outside, but also within.You can get the picture of what I am say and mean by that alone; a great theme for visual. This is something that I’ve been feeling for years. It was an exhilarating release, to be able to elaborate and communicate all of those feelings in a one on one song and witness it turn out so well. So many people can relate to the song; it’s not easy expressing how you feel through a song and the message was delivered and received properly.

Who all do you have on your marketing team?

I do a lot of networking with several different companies and agencies that do marketing, and I am always seeking broader avenues and markets to explore. I outsource through every possible network I can reach, and those that reach out to me, as long as the work ethic is genuine. It’s important to me that the marketing teams I work with have some measure of belief in me as an artist and the project itself.

What local artist have you ever collabed with?

I’ve done many collabs, as either an artist feature, featuring artists on my own work or by producing tracks for other artists. Too many names to say, a lot of guys under the radar like myself. I have gotten a feature from Zeus formerly known as Ruka Puff that has never been released, (don’t ask)- we’d just never fully tied that one up.

Do you have a favorite venue to perform at?

I’ve never been a favorite type of person, I’m not picky or choosy about much of anything. I’m always very chill and open, impulsive and indecisive, so no favorite foods, songs, colors, etc. I take everything for what it’s worth. 

Who do you consider the best promoter in town when it comes to showcase bookings?

Again with bests and favorites, there are just too many to choose from. I like to link with everybody I can, as long as it’s a genuine type of professional dealing. My thought process doesn’t even work like that. I just like how certain people work and operate, so I’m more inclined to go through them from past endeavors until I’m introduced or somehow meet others I haven’t worked with. 

If you could collab with Chance the Rapper or DJ Khaled, where would you record the track?

For something that big I would definitely book the studio time at one of the best studios in St Louis.We have a few located in Midtown.

Who is your favorite producer, engineer; that gets your music right on track?

I’m my own favorite, but I love to try different flavors.

Are all your lyrics explicit?

Mostly I suppose, yet in a realistic manner. Not simply dirty but explicit in the same way our economy and society today is.

Tell me about the man who has become Thuggo, how old are you and where were you born?

I’m in my early thirties now, and only getting better and better with time. I was born and raised right in the heart of St. Louis. 

Ready to Vape?

Is there any unity in St Louis?(Far as artists and DJs) 

Minimal, and even that minimum amount is questionable, But everybody’s got their own circles so there is some unity in that aspect I guess.

When is your next stage performance?

Nothing slated but you can book me at 4realent314@gmail .com

Company name 4Real Ent LLC.

Tell me about your latest album project? 

I haven’t yet worked on any album, my bandmate Ike-o and myself put together a few projects though with more of that in the works. Possibly, another installment to our ‘Mind Over Muscle’ mixtape series. I’ve really just been focusing on making and releasing quality music and following through with those tracks so I’ve been dropping a ton of singles and videos. I plan to Continue at that pace until some demand picks up. I am aiming my sights on an EP or Project soon though, maybe in the new year but I’m in 2020 vision if you catch my drift.

I would like to thank Thuggo for his time as we induct yet another Hot Talent into our newly acquired Dynasty Television media portal hit list for 2019.You can reach Thuggo at his email above or click here to catch him on social media or YouTube

Saying Good bye to Stress Free Fridays with Mark A. Jones

All Photos courtesy of Stress Free Fridays and some of SFF affiliated events….

Well hello everyone, I am back at you once again with yet another interview with a Who is Who in St Louis.This time we sit down with Mark A. Jones, the co-founder of Stress Free Fridays.The longest running Independent social event series in St Louis, which will be ending this Friday after 14 long years.A name that has been around a year longer than my own brand The Newsletter..So sit back and hear how it started and how it will end.

Mark: The first Stress Free Fridays event was held on June 4, 2004 at Rue 13 on Washington Avenue.

 Who all help implement this particular fun part of St Louis’ nightlife?

Mark: The original founders’ of Stress Free Fridays were Mario Wayne, Walter Washington and John Byrd. 

How many Stress Free Fridays have there been in the city?

Mark: There have been 720 Stress Free Fridays events.

How many years has this been going on, wow 720?

Mark: On a weekly, sometimes semi-weekly basis; 14 years is a great run and it is best to go out on top. 

I know there has been some very trying moments and memorable ones as well.Do you have any and the best venues?

Mark: Over the years, we have had two wedding proposals and a woman went into labor. Each venue has its own uniqueness. 

Now, that it is all over, what are your plans?

Mark: I am looking forward to being a regular citizen again. I plan to travel and enjoy life. I am also looking forward to opening my own venue that will cater to the professional clientele of St. Louis. 

Being the top dog in Independent social marketing events (next to The Newsletter of course LMAO!) what honors have you received over the years?

Mark: Stress Free Fridays received a Declaration from the City of St. Louis declaring June 4, 2004 as “Stress Free Fridays Appreciation Day” in the City of St. Louis in celebration of the 4 year anniversary of SFF and SFF received a ReMix Award for being the longest running event series. 

Commendable.Now, are there any other notable promotion teams that you’d enjoyed connecting with over the tenure?

Mark: I’d enjoyed working with Freetime and First Fridays. We had great event’s together. 

Now, that it is finally coming to a FINALE, where is the big party?

Mark: The last Stress Free Fridays event ever will be held on December 14th at The Architect House (Anthony Robinson), 4246 McPherson Avenue in the Central West End. Cash Bar, free food and DJ Manifest. 

The finale in the CWE..(updated photo)

Are there any finale thoughts or thanks you would like to give?

Mark I would like to thank the citizen’s of both St. Louis and the Metro East for supporting Stress Free Fridays and all of the venue owners that have ever hosted Stress Free Fridays. We could not have lasted for these 14 year’s without the support. I have met some truly amazing people and many have become personal friends.

Man, it won’t be the same without you as a competitor in the events and marketing game.I sit alone and have to fight the vultures by myself..joking.Thanks for all that you have done for our city…And I am hoping we will have some of the current breed of marketing agents last as long as you did.

To contact Mark A. Jones for consultation on your next project:

Mark Anthony Jones, Ed.D.
Educational Consultant/Professional
Co-Founder, Stress Free Fridays
Co-Founder, Saturday Stogie

Scenes from finale on Friday, December 14th

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A Poignant and Personal Conversation with Death row inmate Reggie Clemons

First published on Nov 10, 2011 by Rodney M Norman

Reggie Clemons hearing 9/17/12, after 21 years on death row for wrongful conviction. Associated Press

This is the first time ever that death row inmate Reggie Clemons from Saint Louis, MO has decided to sit down with media and tell his story. In the wake of the execution of death row inmate Troy Davis of Georgia, I felt compelled to give him the opportunity to speak out.This is Part 1 of 4 sections of the interview which were too long for one article. So sit back and allow me to share with you the life and tribulations of death row inmate Reggie Clemons.

Hello Reggie, how are you doing man?

Reggie: I am holding on to the hope and dream that maybe someday there will be more living than killing. I am trying to keep my head up in the face of the shadow of death, when there is nothing left. The prison guards keep trippin’ with me, because the Warden hates that I am alive, but still I strive against the dying of the light, after I pray for a good night.

I understand you are on a Stay of Execution since 2009? Is that Correct?

Reggie: Yes, on June 17, 2009, they had plans to take my life by injecting liquid fire into my veins. On June 5, 2009, a bird sat with me the whole day to bring me prayers and a sign that God had already saved my life by setting things into motion to give me a stay, at 4:45 p.m. that day.

So many people are behind you on your appeal, do you believe that you have God on your side, as well?

Reggie: It is because of people prayers and support that I have been able to be heard by God and other supporters in other countries. I know God is on my side, because there is no blood on my hands and I have not done any of the things that I am accused of.

 How is your family handling all this adversity?

Reggie: Sometimes they get emotional and have to take a break away from me. Then there is the amazing dedication of my mother who has come to visit me every week for the past twenty years. I do what I can to let them know I am holding strong so they don’t worry about me.

Do you blame the criminal justice system for all that is wrong with the death penalty?

Reggie: Yes, not only because innocent people get executed, and people with the worse crimes sometimes walk free and people who have not killed anyone get executed on accomplice liability. Man is too imperfect to take what cannot be given back or replaced.

What was your immediate reaction when you learned that the State of Georgia executed death row inmate Troy Davis?

Reggie: It looked like they willingly and knowingly executed another innocent man. Just because they felt like they needed to tell the world that they were in control. How can anyone say that they are in control if they are making life and death decisions while being caught up in their emotions, deep in their feelings and stuff? Troy Davis was executed because of how somebody felt about the case not because of evidence or what the people in Georgia and all over the world thought was the best justice. It’s the people they are supposed to be working for. It is the family of Troy Davis that suffers and has to live on with the pain and loss.Is that what this death penalty is all about, I ask? Making somebody else family feel what you are feeling? If that is the case, it has nothing to do with justice, but is all about vengeance without mercy. Plus, who is supposed to be executed after an innocent person is found to have been executed? Justice is supposed to be fair and balanced, but this justice with an eye for an eye would leave us all blinded with rage from everywhere. True justice quells violence or the reasons for it.

Part 2:

 Tell me about Reggie Clemons?

Reggie: I was born August 30, 1971, my mother Vera Thomas seventh son and eighth child making me the youngest of six brothers and one sister. I grew up in a borderline community that sat smack dab in the middle of everything popping off or jumping off with classes and culture on all sides.On the South side of the community was poor and on the opposite North side was upper middle class baby-mansions. On the Eastern side of the neighborhood I grew up in, was blue collar middle class European-Americans, while on the West side of the neighborhood was blue collar middle class African-Americans. In addition to going to an inter-racial church and a mixed high school at South County Tech in St. Louis, Missouri, gave me a unique cultural perspective as a teenager in the 1980’s. At a time when racial barriers were being torn down in middle class America. Living in the middle of different races and financial classes made me see people more for what they had in common as people than what they looked like or what someone might have had. One of my favorite places to play as a child was in the neighborhood woods climbing trees and walking in the woods along the creek where I would have to cross on different size rocks. The woods seemed like another world from the houses, concrete, and asphalt. Life could be felt and seen everywhere you looked in different sizes shapes and forms. This is what solidified in my mind that real life is in the natural world. I got a lot of my heart from my childhood, being the youngest and taught to fear nothing and sister, but spent most of my time around my sister because she was the second youngest next to me.

Whenever one of my older siblings use to get on my head, the one older than them would get on their head about tripping with me.This is what probably made me stand up for other people and at times I did as a shortie. I learned from my brothers how to take things apart and fix them. One time, my father found me when I was eight years old, with his broken wound up watch in pieces all over the table. He told me that I had better put that watch back together if I did not want to be grounded.

After I put it back together and straightened out the twisted spring, the watch was working again. He was so shocked that he has never forgotten that to this day. Being able to fix that watch at such a young age gave me confidence in my ability to fix things like my older brothers did around the home. Also in the home growing up, there was a long hardwood hallway that ran the length of the house and we use to play this surfing game where one person would stand on a sheet while two people pulled it down the hallway, trying to make them lose their balance before reaching the end of the hallway.

We also use to play this game called earthquake, where we would put a mattress on the floor in front of the deep freezer and another one on top of the deep freezer and one person would stand on each side and try to shake everybody off of the deep freezer onto the mattress on the floor. Most of the times it would be the older brothers doing the shaking and pulling and the last one standing would be the winner.

As a teenager in the 1980’s break dancing, freestyle rapping and free-styling on bikes and skateboards were what was hype and popping. Michael Jackson, Madonna and Prince were on top of the music game and getting everybody of different backgrounds to have fun hanging out together. Kicking it and spitting game, breaking and taking thangs to a new swang with new slang pumping up beat boxing, mixing tricks, tick tocking without stopping, up high, down low bussing windmills on the flo there was all kinds of ways to go talent and put a new balance on the seen if you wasn’t really there you don’t know what I mean.

Even though I could rap break dance and beat box enough to rock the spot I never did because I never wanted the light to shine on me. I was always laid back calm cool and collected peeping the seen plus it was fun to see people face light up with surprise whenever I did go ahead and come out of my bag after they didn’t know I had a bag of talents too.For the most part I was shy and liked watching other people get all the attention. Part of the reason I was so laid back was because I was thinking most of the time about inventions and ideas and trying to understand the reasons why the world was so damaging to the nature I loved so much.

I could not understand why everyone felt like it was the end of the world and that’s just the way it is so we might as well enjoy ourselves before it ends. I refuse to accept that and wanted to figure out how to save the world or at least do my part. Most of people who knew me and talked to me a lot knew that this was something I thought about a lot. This is probably why I tried to go into the technical field and get an education at a Tech School and signing on to an introductory program with General Dynamic.I even went so far as to choose a trip to NASA over going to my own prom, which I regret now sometimes, but I was able to see things I would’ve never see otherwise if I had not gone.

After graduating from South County Tech High School I started working on getting my own business going by delivering pizzas to save money and going to college to build an education in mechanical engineering and robotics.I planned on using the money and resources from my small business to start actually building my inventions and reintroduce youth outreach programs. All that got derailed and my hopes and dreams of helping to make the world a better and more balanced place between technology and the natural environment have not stopped me from hoping and fighting to figure thing out even now that my life has led to me being on death row.

I have over one hundred inventions and ideas but now I also have a deeper understanding of why our world is really on the brink of destruction by design or desires of the greedy people who rather hold on to the profitable poison they force into our lives. I now see the death penalty as part of that mentality of the people that are in control by the peoples does not have to be out of balance with natural universal laws. It just needs to be reinvented regardless of who loses power and influence over certain market by poisonous products we really don’t need. Now I am fighting to figure out how to save a world that is hell bent on taking my life, imagine that………….

Now, I conclude with more in depth questions for this gracious man who I truly believe is walking in the right path.Only God knows what truly happen and as a man of Catholic faith, I truly despise the death penalty. I can only hope that the system use the right judgement before condemning another innocent person to death.

What would you do if you were released from custody tomorrow?

Reggie: First thing I plan to do is go to a house of worship and thank the Grand Designer and Master of all things for sparing me and making it possible for me to be of service. Pray and seek guidance from on high for protection on my journey to fulfill my dreams of giving my best ideas to the world. After that I hope to be able to spend some time with my family and praying with them at home to remind myself of what is important in life.I’d like to get my hands on a laptop with computer aided drafting, graphic design software with physics programming, along with taking up an online college course in mechanical engineering and robotics, as I hope to travel East to visit the Holy Land.I wish that I would be able to sit still and go to a university, but under the circumstances I must be a traveling man before the world becomes a desert. I do not know what life will bring and until I find the thing that will give us all redemption I will keep trying to learn, grow, and elevate my consciousness to be a better man and caretaker of creation. If I am provided the protection of the law, I believe I will be given that chance.

When you look back on that frightening night that changed your life in April, 1991, is there anything that you remember that could help your case?
Reggie: I remember that I DID NOT kill anybody or had knowledge of someone was about to die and should not be on death row for untried charges that I was never convicted of and there is no evidence that I committed those crimes.I know that I was taken to trial in the state of Missouri in St. Louis City, when the bridge itself is in the jurisdiction of the state of Illinois according to the dead. I know that Thomas Cummins the cousin who was the original suspect had ink pen marks on his arms and that there was an ink pen found on the bridge and that when the body was found there was a mark on the back of the skull consistent with Thomas Cummins confession that it was an accident.The flashlight that we lost on the bridge was found on the opposite side of the bridge from the scene of the accident. There was a fisherman at the bridge who never heard anything like screams as is alleged according to the state prosecutor against me. None of these things were put before the jury because my trial lawyer was under threat by the prosecutor that if he did anything to help me, the prosecutor would use his political connections to get him disbarred.My attorney was eventually disbarred for testifying in a hearing on my behalf, that he did not do everything or anything else and that the prosecutor may have hidden or destroyed evidence, which has been proven with many different pieces of missing evidence also how witnesses were threatened into not testifying. What would be extremely helpful to the case is if someone could investigate to find out who was the counselor that helped Julie Kerry back in 1989 or 1990, to find out why Thomas Cummins father whose name is Gene Cummins referred Julie Kerry outside the state of Missouri.Another extremely helpful piece of information would be who were the people that were called by grandpa Gene when he arrived in St. Louis, from Florida after emptying out his bank account and getting all the money together he could and calling in favors to get Thomas Cummins out of the police investigation. Those phone records might answer a lot of questions about why this case has been handled outside the legal limits, without jurisdiction and by tampering with evidence and witnesses.

How do you feel about a compilation CD in your honor to raise awareness on your case?

Reggie: It is my sincere hope that building awareness of the circumstances under which people are executed will stop this deadly practice and will get the justice system back to saving and protecting lives and turning lives around instead of destroying them for a show of strength and authority.We need a justice system that will help us figure out how to live together not when is the time to kill. I hope my case will bring awareness to how far off course the death penalty is from serving fair and balanced justice. I’m honored.This interview got a bit too much so there was no more time to thank Reggie for his time. However I am very sure he and his family are appreciative of me taking the time out to allow him to tell his exclusive story. God Bless Reggie and I am hoping that God guide us all to the truth.

Update from this 2011 interview from the former website

3 years ago in 2015, the Missouri Supreme court threw out his murder conviction.Yet he had another charge from an isolated incident that held him up.Now, with the turnabout in the St Louis city Circuit attorney’s office there is hope of a fair hearing and more evidence to help Reggie’s case…

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